Lot Clearing Services

At Firefighter Tree Services, we offer trees, bushes, vegetation, and debris removal services to transform your property. Aside from improving your land’s visual aesthetics, our lot clearing services comply with local regulations and zoning laws, maintaining your property’s legal status. 


We also enhance safety by eliminating potential fire hazards and reducing the risk of fallen trees during storms. Additionally, debris removal prepares land for construction, landscaping, or expansion projects, increasing the property’s value and utility. 

Our Lot Clearing Services

Tree Removal

While “lot clearing” may evoke the image of cutting down trees, the process is delicate. We strategically remove specific trees, vegetation, and debris to meet the property owner’s objectives. The goal is to create a clear and functional space while preserving the site’s natural beauty and ecological balance. 

Stump Grinding

We offer two options to suit your needs regarding stump grinding. Firstly, we grind the tree stumps to the soil level, ensuring they do not hinder on-site activities. Alternatively, we can entirely remove the stumps from the ground. We meticulously navigate around underground pipes, gas lines, wires, and irrigation lines to ensure safety, restricting any additional risks or accidents to your property.

Bush Clearing

Our bush-clearing service ensures a well-maintained and attractive outdoor environment. We remove obstacles hindering development, obstructing views, or compromising property safety. Our team skillfully trims, cuts, and removes unwanted vegetation using efficient techniques and equipment. For excellent outcomes, we have handheld tools like pruning and chain saws to heavy-duty machines like brush mowers and forestry mulchers. 


We systematically remove and dispose of fallen branches, bushes, and other unwanted debris from the property, leaving it clean and free from potential hazards. We also rake and smooth the soil to grade and level your property, leaving it clean. The process enhances the visual appeal of the land and promotes safety by eliminating tripping hazards and reducing the risk of fire. 

Why Choose Our Services?

Expertise and Experience

Our tree specialists are certified and have the experience to operate and control different equipment and systems. They monitor signals, dials, and gauges while cutting, pruning, and brushing through vegetation, bushes, and trees.

Efficiency and Timeliness

We offer quality and professional lot clearing services in Redwood City, ensuring your project progresses smoothly. Our certified arborists cause minimal to no damage because of their continuous training and hands-on experience in site cleanup and land preparation.

Public Safety & Security

Our certified tree care experts adhere to strict safety protocols and use appropriate equipment and techniques. We also adhere to Redwood City's regulations and zoning laws to protect our clients from legal battles with local authorities.

Equipment and Techniques

We use top-grade equipment, including excavators for large-scale projects and skid steer loaders for tight spaces. Our methods include erosion control, grading, leveling, mulching, and chipping.

Our Lot Clearing Process

Physical Inspection

We conduct an on-site assessment to evaluate the property and understand your needs and goals, considering your lot size, existing vegetation, potential hazards, and desired land modifications.

Project Planning

Our team tailors a plan guided by the inspection findings. We determine the scope of work, select appropriate techniques and equipment, and establish a timeline for the project.

Permits & Compliance

We assist with obtaining any necessary permits or approvals from local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and zoning laws in Redwood City.

Site Preparation

Our expertise in arboriculture guides this labor-intensive process, which entails marking target areas, determining movements, equipment, and debris placement, and noting underground utility lines and adjacent structures and properties.

Vegetation Removal

Using a combination of selective tree removal, brush clearing, and stump grinding techniques, we begin clearing the vegetation. We also preserve desirable trees and minimize disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Debris Removal

We collect and remove fallen branches, logs, and other debris from the site, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. We also promote proper disposal or recycling of materials.

Final Cleanup

Once the process is complete, we conduct a thorough cleanup. We rake and smooth the soil, removing debris to ensure the site remains clean and presentable.

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Customer REVIEWS

  •   The crew and Dennis and Miguel were prompt and polite and removed two trees quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up afterward. Good work all around. I'd definitely use them again.

    thumb M. R.

      Excellent, experienced and reliable service. Dennis and Miguel (and their crew) were awesome on how they serviced my redwood trees.  They listened to my concerns and needs and delivered the results I was looking for.  They arrived on time and were great at cleaning up everything before leaving my property.  Their price was very competitive and I would hire them again without any second thoughts! Thank you Dennis and Miguel!!!

    thumb Karen K. M.

      I found Dennis and company to be very responsive and very easy to work with. Not only that, they arrived early and finished efficiently. They seem highly experienced.

    I didn't bother to go get other estimates, and I called him first. However a gap of time went by as I got busy with other things, but when I texted him he remembered quickly even though there wasn't anything special about this job.  I was definitely impressed.

    thumb Henry Y.
  •   We had two redwood trees come crashing onto our house during the March 2023 'bomb cyclone' event, punching a hole through our roof. Dennis and his team had served us well 3 times before this, removing a large spruce and pruning our live oaks and valley oak, so I knew who to call.

    Dennis came out within 2 hours, and Miguel and his 7-man team were on site the very next morning. They skillfully removed the redwoods, piece-by-piece, without damaging the house further. (Remarkably, they did so without the use of a crane or other heavy equipment!) Additionally, they removed a birch tree that had been damaged badly by the redwoods.

    The team completed the job in a single day, chipping or hauling the debris and cleaning up nicely. Our insurance agent was amazed at their very reasonable price, calling it the lowest he'd seen in the area for this type of work.

    I could not recommend them more highly.

    thumb Pete F.

      One of our neighbor's large trees was partially uprooted during bad weather and in danger of falling on our house. So we contacted Firefighter Tree Service. Dennis (the owner) came to give us an estimate the same day, which was amazing because bad weather had caused downed trees everywhere! So they had to be super busy. Given the danger, they fit us in on very short notice a few days later. Dennis even came by the house a couple of times in between to check on the tree. So thoughtful and caring!

    On the day of the work, they showed up early and worked incredibly fast. They even kept working through the heavy rain! Miguel led the crew in cutting the trees down. They worked well together and were cautious with our property. They also cleaned everything up before leaving. Pricing was great too, in comparison to other competitors. Huge props to these guys, high quality and customer service. Thanks!!

    thumb Caio S.

      UPDATED!  I wanted to add to my original review of Dennis, Miguel, and Fire Fighters Tree Services.  I called them back in for another job today (Feb. 24, 2023) and they did ANOTHER TERRIFIC JOB!!  They were in and out, on a sizable front and back yard job, in under 3 hours.  Miguel had his team humming.  Everything was planned well and executed to perfection.  

    Dennis was again quick to answer the call for quote and gave me a tremendous price.  This team is great.  

    I can't recommend these guys any higher!  If YELP had more stars, this team would get the max.  Use them.

    thumb Michael M.
  •   I have a tree at the corner of my backyard. I knew it is a very challenging job to remove the tree there and I worried about the falling trucks which might hit fences and lines.
    I contacted Dennis for a quote. He is responsive and responsible - He gave me a reasonable quote which was proofed afterwards to be a good deal with a quality service which he and his team delivered to me. He monitored the whole process from the beginning to the end. His team - Miguel is an agile tree climber and a very skilled person who really knows how to remove/trim a tree. And by looking at his work, all my earlier worries is no need. Besides, the rest of crews are very professional and did a very good job, too. All of them worked like a team and finished the work within a very short time including a nice clean-up. So overall I appreciate their work very much and like to recommend their service to anyone who is still shopping around and looking for a competitive quote with a quality job.

    thumb Jason P.

      The Good - Dennis is a great communicator and really friendly to work with. His quote was the most affordable (saved $600+) when compared to four other quotes we received. A crew of 6 guys worked quickly and finished the job in less than 4 hours. Other contractors predicted 1-2 full days to complete the same job. The yard was clean and everything was off-hauled.

    The Bad - Maybe because they worked so fast, but there were some things missed. They completely missed a stump that was part of the scope to grind. They had started to clean up, we reminded them there was one left, and they got back to work. Also, some large roots were not removed/grinded, which we eventually had to dig and pull out ourselves. That's the main reason this isn't a 5 star review.

    Overall, we would still recommend and call them again for future needs.

    thumb Giao L.

      Dennis was the fastest to respond and come out to the property to provide a quote. He was very responsive and kept our appointments without fail. The tree trimmers were efficient and cleaned up well after the work was done.

    thumb V L.
  •   After contacting the Firefighter Tree Service, we received a return phone call from Dennis (owner) within 10 minutes and made an appointment for the next day for an estimate. His estimate was very reasonable and work was scheduled for the next morning.

    The crew arrived right on time and had our big job done in record time. Everything was cleaned up properly. The crew was very professional and easy to work with.

    We highly recommend this tree service!!

    thumb Donna R.

      Called them, came gave us estimate, kept us waiting two days and never showed up, found another place and they did a very good job

    thumb Shirin H.

      I've lived on the peninsula for a lot of years, and used a lot of tree services.  I first tried Miguel and his crew a few years ago, and now I only use them. Miguel really knows trees and will always do the right thing. They work fast, are very professional,  leave the ground immaculate, and leave the trees looking fantastic.

    thumb James G.
  •   Dennis and Mike did a fantastic job clearing out 300 sq. ft. of poison oak from our backyard. They were diligent, super efficient - started at 8am and were done the same day. Cleaned up after themselves and pricing was super fair. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to clean up their yard from a small to a super large job.

    thumb Gennady Y.

      Dennis (and Tony) came out to remove a huge cedar growing 7 ft from my home on Saturday morning. They were so efficient and quick that the job was done in about 6 hours. I couldn't believe it - that tree was huge (4-5 stories tall). The crew was extra careful around the house and helped clean up afterward. It was awesome to watch and so impressive on how smooth it went. Everyone worked so hard that it was amazing to watch. I would definitely recommend the team.

    thumb Kristina R.

      The early bird gets the worm.

    You'll notice Firefighter Tree Service hours are 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM. I called three tree services for appointments to quote a job of removing and grinding the stumps for three trees. Since Firefighter starts business at 6:30 AM, I called them first and Dennis Santora made a late morning appointment. But a little later he called back and said he could come earlier and he arrived about 8:30 AM. I showed him the three trees and he exclaimed "are those the trees (?), that's easy because they're right on the street where our trucks would be nearby." He made a quote which I thought it was outstanding. As we walked, I said all the junipers around my corner property had to be taken out but I didn't think tree service people did that kind of work. "We can do that" he said, "Miguel can do that too!" Miguel hadn't arrived yet, so I went to the San Mateo Tree Division to pay for and pick up my tree permit.

    After I arrived back home, Miguel arrived and looked over the junipers. Together Dennis and Miguel made a superb offer I couldn't refuse. They were ready to do the job right now and would be done today. I accepted their bid and they were off to the races. A five-man crew arrived with all the equipment and trucks and started in on the trees immediately. The narrower limbs were all removed and sent through the wood chipper within a half hour. The larger limbs were cut next and then the trunk. They proceeded to grind the stumps. The junipers which were planted completely around the corner of the property took a little longer. They were knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and left the property very clean.

    Dennis Santora stayed with the job throughout the whole process until they were finished. I am happy to recommend Firefighter Tree Service for all your tree related work.

    thumb Eleanor Y.
  •   Very professional and their quote beats everyone else's. Arrived on time and left no wastes behind, even wiped our skylights. Definitely will hire them again.

    thumb Belinda G.

      Fast and efficient, if you are looking for great tree work at a reasonable price look no further. Our two-hundred-year-old oak tree fell down during the rains of December 2021, and they were excellent at extracting it without damaging anything. We've used them twice since then, both for tree work as well as poison oak removal, and have been very satisfied with the great team and the price!

    thumb Laura D.

      Job well done!  His crew is courteous and knowledgeable. They arrived early, worked quickly, and cleaned up completely. I will use his services again.

    thumb Don P.
  •   Dennis, Miguel, and the Firefighter Tree Service team are fantastic! I received a quick response from Dennis who stopped by the same day that I called to provide a resonable quote for the removal of our 26 dead cypress trees that were growing into the powerlines. Other vendors lacked the expertise or were too nervous to cut near the wires. I watched in awe as 10 team members went to work at 8 am, removed the trees, grinded the stumps, and cleaned up the yard all within one day. Dennis also pointed out that our Oak tree in the front yard was rubbing against our roof and trimmed it back at no additional cost. We were so happy with their work that we then hired them to plant trees to replace the privacy lost from cutting out the dead trees. I highly recommend the skilled, efficient, and reliable team at Firefighter Tree Service!

    thumb RN J.

      Fire Fighter Tree Service, with Dennis Santora at the helm, did an exemplary job with the removal of our ancient Monterey Pines.  We interviewed several other tree services, who either gave us outrageous bids or failed to follow through with estimates.  Dennis removed two huge pines (one was 75") and, as a courtesy, threw in for free the removal of a podocarpus and the topping off of a tall birch tree.  He also told us we did not need a crane, which was required by other services, and he was right . . . he arrived at 8:00 am with ten talented workers and, by day's end, all three trees were removed and clean-up performed.

    We have more trees to remove and we have devised a three-year plan.  Without a doubt, Dennis is our tree man, forever and ever!

    thumb Linda M.